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Professional SEO Training from NExtGen

NextGen gives you the unique opportunity to learn from professional SEO experts. Our course is designed by SEO professionals and is focused on teaching the subject from a real-time industry perspective. It combines sound theoretical and practical knowledge so that by the time you complete the course, we guarantee you will have mastered the concepts and techniques to make it big in the highly competitive, web-centric world of today.

In order to ensure personal attention and professional guidance for each individual, we keep our batches small with only a limited number of students. To make our students industry-ready, we provide live projects where our students get a chance to gain practical knowledge and apply their theoretical learnings.

Our schedules are flexible with the option of weekday and weekend classes to suit your availability.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique of improving the visibility of a web page in the organic search results of a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It requires comprehensive understanding of how search engines work and how you can optimize a website to improve its search ranking and drive traffic to it. It relies on various tactics like using appropriate keywords, backlinks and inbound links and facilitating easy indexing so that your website can be quickly located by search engines.

Our digital marketing training in Kochi by NextGen is intended for:-

Sales & Business Development Professionals
Advertising & Marketing Professionals
Brand Managers & Media planners
Digital Marketing Professionals & CXOs
Web Strategists & Product Managers
Management Students & Entrepreneurs
Business Heads & Website Owners

How will SEO Training benefit you?

If you are a student…

SEO training will open a world of opportunities for you. With every big and small company trying to make its presence felt in the web, the demand is high for SEO professionals. Most companies maintain a dedicated team of SEO Analysts, SEO executives, SEO consultants etc. to improve the page ranking of their website and make their business more visible to their customers. Getting trained in SEO will give you the skills to seize job opportunities in this area and secure a growth oriented career for yourself.

If you are a working professional…

If your current job profile includes SEO related responsibilities, getting professional SEO training can empower you to be better at your job. It will give you the knowledge and skills to take your career up a notch and drive you towards professional growth. SEO training is also important to working professionals interested in switching to a career where SEO knowledge is a prerequisite.  Advanced SEO training like the one offered by NextGen can help you be prepared to meet the demands of the industry from day one.

If you are a business owner…

SEO training is your chance to control the web and make it work for your business. With internet spreading far and wide, more customers today are turning to the web to seek information and purchase products and services. Getting SEO trained can give you the knowledge you need to make sure your website and hence, your business, is more readily accessible to prospective customers than that of your competitors. For online businesses, SEO can make the difference between success and failure. SEO training is a must have to give your business a competitive edge and derive more ROI from your website.

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Click to read SEO course module

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